What happened to nthcoincident?

Watching the newest Naruto episodes made me all sorts of nostalgic for HashiMada, so I went to FFN to re-read a few of my favorite fics, only to find that nthcoincident had deleted her accounts, both at FFN and LJ :(

She was one of my favorite authors. I’m secretly hoping she deleted her accounts because she’s working on publishing her work, 50-shades style, but with better writing.

Why has no one posted this cap yet? lol.


Why has no one posted this cap yet? lol.


Anonymous said: hey! thanks for translating chapter 40 of noragami.. would you happen to have one of 39? or a link to someone who has done it?

Hmm, the only translation I have of chapter 39 is in Chinese. If you haven’t already, check out noragamis, she posts in-depth chapter summaries in English, they’re so good they’re practically the entire chapter’s worth of dialogue. She’s up to chapter 34, so I imagine she’ll be doing 39 soon. You can also check out norawgami, which is a scanlation group dedicated just to translating noragami. They just put out chapter 19 and they post about once a week (or more!). Fallen Syndicate is the other scanlation group but they don’t have a tumblr afaik.

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Anonymous said: Ummmm , can you translate noragami chapter 24 pleeas T^T And keep going translating you're aweeesome <3

Glad you like the translation! :) Unfortunately I don’t plan on translating anything regularly. You should check out norawgami, they post pretty regularly and they’ve just posted chapter 19, they’ll probably get to chapter 24 pretty soon.

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My crappy translation for Noragami, chapter 40. I can’t read Japanese so I had to wait for the Chinese translations to be posted. Anyway it just made me LOL so hard I had to post something up in English (my Chinese isn’t that great, though, so my bad if there’s any mistakes.)

I ship them so hard, it’s not even funny. Guh.

Close-up. Kazuma x Bishamonten. Full picture here :)

Kazuma x Bishamonten, from Noragami.  I ship them so hard it&#8217;s not even funny D:

Kazuma x Bishamonten, from Noragami. I ship them so hard it’s not even funny D:

My top 5 favorite anime

Just thought I’d start making a list :)

1. Gungrave - imagine if the Madara/Hashirama arc had its own 25 episode anime, then set it squarely in the present day. This is what Gungrave is: the story of friendship, loss, and betrayal. Brandon and Harry are best friends making their way up the ranks of the mob, when a schism occurs, and Brandon and Harry are pitted against one another. It’s beautiful, elegiac, and hands down one of the best series I’ve ever seen.

Protip: skip the first episode. Gungrave is based on a video game, and the first episode opens in a mish-mash of confusing imagery and video game references. I’d watch the first episode after finishing the first arc.

2. Monster - Brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Tenma saves the life of a boy who grows up to be a serial killer, and is named as a suspect in the serial killer’s murders. The summary sounds trite - crappy network TV trite - but I can’t even begin to tell you how nuanced the characters are. The story starts off as a gotta-catch-him caper and evolves into something much darker.

And as a bonus, the medical stuff is pretty spot-on :)

3. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - a college student wakes up in a warehouse without any memories, and finds himself being forced into training as a top-notch assassin. One of my favorite action animes, it’s one of the few that focuses on character interaction as well as awesome fight choreography. I’m not even sure how to begin to describe this series other than it’s a must-see.

4. Basilisk - star-crossed lovers and feuding clans. There are no happy endings in this one. One of the first animes I’ve ever watched and still one of my favorites.

5. Serei no Moribito - A woman spear-wielder is forced to protect a royal prince in exile. This is just fantastic! First, let me just say the main character is a woman spear-wielder in her thirties. Again, woman warrior in her thirties. It’s my kind of heroine :) The fight scenes are amazing and the world-building is top notch, too.

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Madara and Sasuke

Madara and Sasuke

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Naruto predictions

1) Minato is going to unseal Dark Kurama and give it to his son - dying in the process.

2) Sasuke will be revived by whatever special Senju chakra Hashirama gave him.

No way Kishi’s gonna kill off two main characters at once.

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